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Let Them Eat Cash

0630OPEDlanzone-superJumboBy CHRISTOPHER BLATTMANJUNE 29, 2014

A CHINESE millionaire tried to give $300 (and lunch) to homeless men and women in New York last week. This didn’t sit well with the nonprofit New York City Rescue Mission. The Rescue Mission offered to help with lunch, but wouldn’t cooperate in handing out cash. So midway through a meal of sesame-crusted tuna and filet of beef, some 200 homeless people discovered that they would not be getting money. Instead, the Rescue Mission would accept $90,000 on their behalf. You can imagine the anger and humiliation.

The millionaire, a recycling tycoon named Chen Guangbiao, wanted to set an example of generosity in the world’s financial capital. To announce the $300 giveaway, he’d taken out a full-page advertisement in The New York Times.
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US Muslims & US foreign policy

American Muslims, along with many other concerned Americans, are becoming increasingly apprehensive about the foreign as well as domestic policies of the Bush Administration.

The muddled and unending war on terrorism, the imminent attack on Iraq, and the undiscerning policy of pre-emptive strike have all exposed the new face of the American empire. Equally disturbing for American Muslims, the US Department of Justice has seriously undermined the civil liberties and rights of Muslims and Arab-Americans in the name of national security. The situation was totally different before 11 September 2001 (‘9/11′).
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Martin E. Marty and R. Scott Appleby

A study conducted by

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Islamic Fundamentalism in South Asia:

The Jamaat-i-Islami and the Tablighi Jamaat of South Asia

Mumtaz Ahmad

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