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Islam in Europe and the United States

csisBefore discussing the major concerns and the main aspirations of American Muslims, I would like to point out that most of this analysis is derived from the meetings and seminars that were organized as part of the Muslims in the American Public Square (MAPS) Project. Through these seminars and other focus groups, we assembled nearly 300 community leaders, representatives of Islamic centers, imams, principals of Islamic schools, and other Muslim leaders. We held seminars in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. We also had one seminar for youth leadership; and there were two focus groups, one for mid-level leaders of Islamic centers, and another for those who are working full time for Islamic causes.

See chapter “What Are American Muslims’ Principal Concerns and Aspirations?” by Zahid Bukhari, page 44.

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Islam in the West

by Khurshid Ahmad, Zahid Bukhari
Policy Perspectives , Vol 5, No.1

Many scholars classify the Islamic World into six cultural zones: the Arab world; sub-Saharan Africa; the Turkish zone, including Central Asia and even central Europe; the Persian Gulf; South Asia; and Southeast Asia or the Malay zone. In the West, Muslims are creating a new cultural zone of Islam. There are three main actors in this zone: immigrant Muslims; the second generation of the immigrants; and indigenous Muslims, such as African Americans, and White or Spanish Muslims. As these three types of Western Muslims interact with each other and with the larger non-Muslim society, a new cultural zone of Islam is emerging.
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Continuities and Discontinuities in Islamic Perspectives on Cultural Diversity

Colorado College’s 125th Anniversary Symposium
Cultures in the 21st Century: Conflicts and Convergences

Delivered at Colorado College on February 4, 1999 at 7:30 PM
in a discussion forum entitled “The Islamic World.”
by Sulayman S. Nyang
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